Your Design:
 Basic artwork can be carried out by us and is normally free of charge, however, we also accept your
artwork in a variety of forms:
 Hard Copy: e.g. existing stationery, original photo's & paper artwork can be sent to us for scanning
 and will be returned with your order.
 Digital Files: minimum 300dpi (to ensure good quality reproduction) can be emailed or posted on
 disc. File types EPS - JPG - TIFF - BMP - PSD can all be accepted, + photo's from digital cameras
We operate using PC's (not mac) and files from Coreldraw (V9) - Adobe Illustrator (10) and Microsoft
Publisher 2007 (or Microsoft Word in certain instances) can be accepted. Please call for further details.
 Your rough sketches/drawings can also be accepted by post, fax or email. We will reproduce your
 artwork and send you a copy for approval.
 If all else fails, phone us up and explain what you would like - we will do the artwork for you f.o.c. !
 Contact us: Tel: 01933 229926