Shirt Printing:

Various options are available for shirt / garment printing:
 Simply the best way to print a shirt !
Flexi is a high quality cast polyurethane with a matt, reflection free surface.
It is available in a variety of colours  and special effect designs.
 The graphic is computer plotted & cut (CAD) and then heat and pressure bonded to the garment to provide a permanent
 high density print. Its flexibility ensures it will not crack when the material is stretched (unlike some screen printed items)
Flexi-Print is fully washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
White - Black - Light Blue - Green - Navy Blue - Royal Blue - Forest Green - Red - Bordeaux (Burgundy)
Yellow, Grey - Turquoise - Purple - Orange - Brown - Beige (Cream) - Medium Yellow - Lemon Yellow
Magenta - Baby Pink - Fuchsia - Sapphire - Baby Blue - Lilac - Apple Green - Aqua Green - Army Green
Antique Gold - Aubergine - Cardinal Red - Flame Red - Light Green - Ice Blue - Violet
FLOURESCENT COLOURS: Neon Yellow - Neon Green - Neon Orange - Neon Pink
PAINT: a range of colours with a satin sheen 
 Black - Green - Lilac - Red - Antique Silver - Pink - Purple - Yellow
GLITTER: a subtle but eye-catching effect 
White - Silver (Dark) - Blue - Green - Red - Gold 
PEARL: sparkle effect, very eye-catching 'bling'
Silver - Gold - Bronze - Blue - Green - Red - Pink - Multicolour 
 STARFLEX: a 3D holographic glitter effect (not as flexible as normal Flexi)
Silver - Gold - Red - Blue - Green - Rainbow - Pink - Purple - Black 
Other special effects are also available including: 
Solid Gold, Silver & Copper - Carbonium Silver, Gold & Red
 Denim/Twill Effect: Red, Blue, Beige, Gold
 Spangle Gold, Silver, Green - Snakeskin Silver, Copper, Red - Marble Silver, Red, Blue
 Camouflage, Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe & Graffiti
Please call for further details & pricing 
 Print prices are calculated on the area printed rather than per letter.
This gives you far more flexibility and does not penalise you unfairly if, for instance, you have a long name!
STANDARD FLEXI-PRINT SIZE: up to 340mm x 250mm (13½ x 10 inches) 
½ STANDARD FLEXI-PRINT SIZE: up to 340 x 125mm or 250 x 160mm